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All 22 of the Harvestime Courses are now Available

stevelawesWe just put the finishing touches on the last of the Harvestime courses so now all 22 are available on our Online Bible Institute. The Harvestime courses are great foundational material for ministry studies. The fact that they have been made available to the Church for free is also a great deal. Taking the Harvestime courses is a great way to get started with your Online Bible Institute training. You will find the courses to be encouraging and thought provoking. In offering these courses I want to share with you something that a very wise person shared with me when I first began my studies for ministry. He told me that he would expect that if he gave me chicken legs to eat I would be able to tell the difference between the meat and the bones. That was good advice then and I believe it is still good advice. As you study you will at times come across things that you don’t agree with. That is actually a good thing. When you disagree with something take the time to think about why. Do some research and ask the Holy Spirit to help you know and settle the truth. Our hope is that you enjoy the courses and that God will use them to further your understanding and ministry!