Check out our New Online Library

We have just launched our new Online Library to assist our Online Bible Institute students in their research and studies. The Library includes links to Online Bibles, Concordances, Dictionaries and Commentaries. There are also links to Bible/Church Historical documents and Bible Maps and Charts to further enhance the learning experience. We have included links to Religious Periodicals as well as links to Newspapers from around the world. When you get a chance, take some time to check out some of information available to you in our Online Christian College Library. I would recommend you set a timer or something as it is very easy to lose track of time as you begin to follow some of the trails that will open up to you as you study. We will be adding new links to the Library on a regular basis so check it out often to see what is new. If you have any suggestions for Online Resources that you would like to see us connect with please let us know. As part of our Library we added a Bible Software program that works really well. Just click on the Bible Software link under the Library tab and it will be ready to go for you. The Bible Software program features the American Standard Version (ASV) version which is one of my favorites. If you are using an I-pad or I-Phone you will want to use the Puffin browser in order to have access to the Bible Software program.