Don’t Take Shortcuts

Sometimes our lives are so busy that we find ourselves looking for shortcuts just to try and squeeze everything in. As you take courses at the Online Bible Institute we want to encourage you not to look for shortcuts. I read somewhere that the longest way to success is to take a shortcut. Don’t cut yourself short of learning all that you can. Take your time to work through all of the lessons in the course. If there are audio lectures, listen to them at a time and place when you are not distracted doing anything else. If there are reading assignments, take the time to make sure you are comprehending what you are reading. Our goal here at the Online Bible Institute is to help you to grow in your understanding of the Bible and Theology and be able to apply the knowledge you gain into the ministries that God is calling you to. The object is not just to get the lessons and courses over with, the object is to learn all that you can as you take each course.