The Jesus Moment Bible Institute was started in January of 2014. We currently have over four-hundred (400) students enrolled in our Institute. Our mission is to offer college level Bible, Theology and Ministry courses to equip the saints. We offer these courses freely to anyone who has a desire to pursue a deeper knowledge of the Bible and the Kingdom of God. We have an on-campus program that includes hands-on training and mentoring. We also provide an online component that can be accessed by students from all over the world.

If you are going to be a part of our Online Bible Institute we encourage you to read (Online Bible Institute Update) and (What Courses Should I Take) for ideas on which courses to take to start your studies.

Once you have completed twenty(20) courses you will be awarded the Associate in Biblical Studies degree.

After you complete forty(40) courses you will be awarded the Bachelors of Biblical Studies degree.

While you may take courses at your own pace, our courses are designed to take twelve(12) weeks to complete. If there are more than twelve lessons in the course you need to divide the total number of lessons by twelve(12) to figure out how many lessons you should be completing each week. You may take more than one course at a time and you can also complete them at a much faster pace if you desire. If you are able you can complete up to twenty(20) courses in the course of one year. This would be a significant work load so we recommend that you take no more than ten(10) courses per year which would allow you to earn a Bachelors degree in four(4) years.