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    After you have listened to the lectures for each lesson you need to post a comment about something that you found interesting. You also need to post a follow-up comment on two(2) other students comments on the lectures. (If there are no other students comments in the topic then you only need to post your own comment).

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    I had never heard the terms orthopraxis, or orthopathos. The study begins talking about orthodoxy and moves on to the other two terms. These are considered primary goals in building one’s theology. And they are all interdependent. Many of us start with orthodoxy, studying the word. But we can become very intellectual people, quoting scripture, studying it but not living what we are being taught (orthopraxis) or not having any feelings one way or another towards God (orthopathos) or following our feelings which can lead us astray. We can do the opposite too. We believe, we are excited about the Lord, but never open the Bible. If we go too far in one direction or another we are missing out on the full joy of the Lord and what he has planned for us. We may even fall into sin. The professor states: “Because the deck of life is always shifting, balance can be nothing more than momentary synchronicity”. We want to keep these three goals in balance while developing our theology.

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