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    After you have listened to the lectures for each lesson you need to post a comment about something that you found interesting. You also need to post a follow-up comment on two(2) other students comments on the lectures. (If there are no other students comments in the topic then you only need to post your own comment).

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    Debra Pearl

    Into to class – we will be learning about:
    1. the development of Messianic Prophecy initial origin in the Old Testament,
    2 .Jesus in His being- life -work and fulfillment of many prophecies and those that will be fulfilled in the future
    3. Jewish interpretation of Messianic Prophecy
    4. development of what is a Messianic Prophecy
    5. Typo-logical interpretations of Messiah in OT
    6. The enrichment and blessing of and to the student
    *The Meaning and Nature of Prophecy – Critical approaches=Prophecy is not simply an educated guess=Definition of Prophecy= it is a declaration of future events such as no human wisdom or forecast is sufficient to make.
    Goldman went on to describe several ways that people try to explain away “prophecy” especially that of Christ as Messiah
    1. Jesus “willed” to fulfill all the prophecies about Messiah
    2.They rule out all Divine Revelation-saying it is impossible for anyone to receive this kind of revelation concerning matter hundreds of years from now
    3.Some will say that people made an educated guess as to the future
    4. OT prophets are like the Divine ecstatic (having an altered state of consciousness)
    *The Uniqueness of Israel is also the subject when speaking of prophecy shown through the Abrahamic Covenant and also Moses and the Prophets and also their typology and anti-types.

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    Debra Pearl


    This lesson gets into different ideas of types . By types I mean thing that represent Christ Throughout the Old Testament, God used different events, People, offices and actions to point to Christ, and to describe events that would take place in the future.
    Different ways to tell if something was a “type” of the Messiah was to look for
    1-it says “as (this event or thing) was so it is with Christ. As Moses lifted up the serpentbin the wilderness so must the Son of God be lifted up”
    Some types are innate and some are inferred. Such as Isaac. Scripture doesn’t actually say he is a type of Christ but when he, as the only son of Abraham, is offered as a sacrifice it is inferred to be a type of Christ.
    Various TYPES are 1-people
    2- Institutions
    3- Offices
    4- Events
    5- Actions
    6- Various items or objects
    Some characteristics of types are that they are designed and appointed by God to represent the thing that is typed, they must have points if resemblance and that they must prefigure something
    in the future.

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    Debra Pearl

    important things to do when interpreting prophecy are to interpret
    2- according to the harmony of the prophecy
    3- the whole perspective of the prophecy
    4- observe time relationships taking into account which advent the prophet is talking about
    5- Christologically- the central theme of all prophecy is Jesus Christ
    6-,historically, as much as possible, examining the historical background
    7- the grammatical aspect of the passage knowing the language and neuances if the language
    8- consistently to the same rules throughout

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