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    After you have listened to the lectures for each lesson you need to post a comment about something that you found interesting. You also need to post a follow-up comment on two(2) other students comments on the lectures. (Please include the Lesson or Chapter number at the beginning of your comment. If there are no other students comments in the topic then you only need to post your own comment).

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    Devin Schweer

    Lecture 2: Genesis

    This was a great overview. I appreciated the breakdown of content and introduction to numerous themes that began in Genesis.

    The breakdown of the Hebrew word “Tselem” was noteworthy. It’s interesting that God created us as his idols per say, but it was never intended to be the other way around – our inability to give life renders an idol dumb and lifeless, in no way giving honor to the incomprehensible God and savior we serve.

    I also enjoyed the commentary about the sabbath. Great reminder that we can only do so much, and that critical time of rest is important to everyone.

    Merism was a new word for me, and the explanation of the “Tree of Knowledge of Good Evil” encompassing ALL information was insightful. First merism that came to mind was “Preach in season, and out of season.” No other times to preach(or teach) than those.

    Hope these comments are an encouragement to the next student. This is a great exercise in retaining information. Write, share and repeat.

    God bless.

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      Hi Devin! Your comments will be an encouragement to the next students who take the course. I agree with you that writing down a little comment on what you have learned is helpful to you but also to future students.. Blessings on your studies!

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