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    After you have listened to the lectures for each lesson you need to post a comment about something that you found interesting. You also need to post a follow-up comment on two(2) other students comments on the lectures. (Please include the Lesson or Chapter number at the beginning of your comment. If there are no other students comments in the topic then you only need to post your own comment).

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    Ingrid Lentz

    Lesson 1, Defining Leadership Part 1

    I was deeply impressed with Dr. Johnson’s statement about”giving followers the dignity of information”, using the example of Teddy Roosevelt and his fireside chats, and how they were such an important key to his success as a leader. This really resonated with me. I think it is such a great thing for a leader to be able to present things openly and in a forthright way, and yet with great confidence about what we as a team will do to meet every challenge. This brings people into being a part of the solution, and calls them upward, which is what Christian leaders are called to do: equip the saints for the work of the ministry.

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    Ingrid Lentz

    Lesson 2, Defining Leadership Part 2

    My thoughts on definition of leadership:
    a) in general, one who has been given authority and responsibility for overseeing a group of people in the accomplishing of a purpose. He may be a good leader, or a bad one, but he is nonetheless a leader. David submitted to Saul; though Saul was not a godly leader, David still recognized and honored his God-given authority. He behaved himself wisely in a perfect way. Ultimately Saul was removed and David was promoted.
    b) a godly, effective leader is one who is a wise and skillful steward of a God-given vision, who is able to motivate and inspire people to accomplish things that will greatly glorify God. Stagnation breeds contagion. Direction and purpose give life to a church. When everyone is moving together in the same direction, unhealthy things cannot easily gain a foothold.

    My thoughts on atrophy: it happens the moment growth stops. Healthy things grow. Paul the apostle said that he did not consider himself to have already attained, but he continued to press on for the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. Vision must always come out of a desire to know the Lord in a deeper way.

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