How to Write a Paper for the Online Bible Institute

Writing a paper for one of the Online Bible Institute courses when required is really not all that difficult once you know the format we are looking for. A paper consists of an Introduction, the Main Body of the paper, and a Conclusion. You will also need to make note of the total word count required to make sure that you get the length of the paper correct and use a spell check program to clean up any spelling errors before you submit your paper.

The Introduction will be the opening paragraph of your paper. In your introduction you will need to clearly introduce or present three main points or topics that your paper will cover. A good introduction sets the tone for the rest of the paper so it needs to be well thought out and should grab the attention of the reader.

The Main Body of the paper should consist of three paragraphs. One paragraph for each of the three points you are covering in your paper. Most of the papers you will be required to write for the Online Bible Institute will be seven-hundred-fifty (750) words. With this in mind, each of the paragraphs in this Main Body section should be about two-hundred (200) words each. Do your best to cover each point as thoroughly as you can without going over on your word count. If you are going to be including Bible verses in your paper you need to know that they cannot count for more than ten (10) percent of the total word requirement.

The Conclusion of your paper will be a closing paragraph that reviews and draws together the three points that were presented in the introduction. You may use the conclusion paragraph to ask your reader a thought-provoking question or perhaps include an interesting quotation that helps to illustrate the points of your paper. You might also add some possible suggestions or results of the points you have presented.

Hopefully, this paper on how to write a paper for the Online Bible Institute will be a helpful guide in your writing projects. Remember to have a well thought out introductory paragraph, make your three points in the three paragraphs in the main body of the paper and then finish up with a concluding paragraph that ties it all together. This format is really quite simple once you get used to it and should make writing papers an enjoyable part of your learning experience.