running the race

Let us Run with Perseverance

stevelawes“Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.” I have been thinking about these words from Hebrews 12 quite a bit lately. Running the race marked out for us is a challenge. There are times when running the race is exciting and it seems relatively easy. But then, just as quickly, it can seem to be an impossible task. I have been thinking about this verse in my own life as I deal with actual running. A couple of years ago I was running three miles a day and I was enjoying it. Then, a series of minor injuries caused me to take a break from running and I am finding it very difficult to get back into that place where running was something I looked forward to. At the moment, I have to force myself to go running and I find it difficult to complete more than a mile. This is where perseverance has to kick in. I am confident that if I persevere through the trials that I will be able to get back to the place where I found running three miles a day a very joyful thing. But the journey getting there is often frustrating. I am thinking that this was what the writer of Hebrews was getting at. Let us keep throwing off all the things that would hinder us, the trials, the temptations, the throw in the towel attitudes, and let us persevere in running the race we are called to. If you are taking courses on our Online Bible Institute, I want to encourage you to keep on pressing in and persevere in your studies. The rewards will be worth all of the work!