• Chapter 18

    I was taught in this chapter that I should fast and pray before I minister, and the example of Paul in Acts 28:8 was given and this gives me a lot of courage because some people condemn it, that all was in the past.

  • Chapter 17

    I am very happy to hear that Healing and deliverance are part of the Gospel just like salvation, because some people are saying that time of miracles was in the past but in this chapter I’v been reassured with biblical reverences that miracles continue till Jesus comes back, Hallelujah!!!

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    Chapter 16

    In this chapter full light was shed on diseases and sicknesses and it makes know what I don’t know about them, that sickness or disease is any condition which is out of proper divine order as it was created by God.

  • Chapter 15

    I was made to understand that the purpose of networking is not to form a single world church under a human authority,
    but it is unity within diversity that seeks to work together to accomplish God’s purpose, and it is very meaningful to me.

  • Chapter 14

    Based on what I learnt in this chapter I could conclude that planning is very important before laying one’s hand on any project, therefore with regard to evangelism I believe if I make proper use of what I learnt in this chapter I will be able to achieve my goal in the area of soul winning.

  • Chapter 13

    I understood very well in this chapter what a disciple is, that is a convert who is established in the basics of the Christian faith and is
    capable of raising up new converts and discipling them, that the word disciple means a learner, a pupil, someone who learns by following, that It is more than head knowledge.

  • Chapter 12

    I could see that I should never allow myself to fall into the trap of becoming so busy with the mechanical details of a crusade that will make me compromise the most important ingredient of all–spiritual preparation,that a mass crusade is only effective as the Gospel of the Kingdom of God is presented with the anointing and power of…[Read more]

  • Chapter 11

    I’ve gotten to know now that if I apply to evangelism, the law of harvest, then it means that I can expect to harvest lost souls, that no matter how good the seed, how fertile the ground, or how skillful the farmer is, he cannot reap without first sowing, that if I do not sow in evangelism I should not expect to reap the results of…[Read more]

  • Chapter 10

    In fact in this chapter I was enlightened on how to handle the situation during the time of evangelism if people are trying to provoke me or raise objection, that It will be helpful if I can understand why people make excuses or raise objections in evangelism encounters, that Sometimes Satan inserts questions or objections into a…[Read more]

  • Chapter 9

    What I learnt in this chapter shed more light on the purpose of evangelism and enjoyed it, by which I was told that , the goal of all personal evangelism is leading men and women, boys and girls, to ask forgiveness of sins and receive the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior.

  • Chapter 8

    It has to be paramount for me to be spiritually minded, so far a spiritually minded man is one who has been born again spiritually, that those with spiritual minds understand parables, and those with carnal, sinful minds cannot understand.

  • Chapter 7

    In this chapter I understood that evangelism must be my first priority as a Christian, that evangelism was not just one of many activities of the early Church, it was the main priority.

  • Chapter 6

    I came to know that I am the ambassador of the Lord to the people around me who have not given their lives to Christ, that they may never enter a church, they may not ever come in contact with the pastor of my church, But I know them well.

  • Chapter 5

    As Paul said he was a debtor because he had received the Gospel and he owed it to others to share it with them, I now know that it is applicable to me that I am also a debtor, because he felt this responsibility towards all men every where. There were no class distinctions in Paul’s mind. Everyone needed the Gospel. There was no one too…[Read more]

  • Chapter 4

    so far I do not have to be a gifted speaker to be a messenger of the Gospel.So, all that is necessary for me is that I would share the Gospel message which alone can save man, in fact this gives me more knowledge about how to do evangelism as far as I am able.

  • chapter 3

    I could understand now that The demonstration of power of miracles and healing is the Kingdom of God in action, and it is the part of the message of evangelism.

  • Chapter 2
    In this chapter, the five principles taught in the Word of God were very understood to me. The command, condition, concern, competition, and consummation because they are what mandate of evangelism given to us by Jesus Christ hinged on.

  • Chapter 1

    I could understand now what evangelism is and what revival is that they are of two different things,as I was told that Evangelism is not just a series of meetings or church services. Evangelism is not the same as revival. Revival is the Lord at work in the Church. In revival, the emphasis is on the presence of the Lord restoring life to…[Read more]

  • Chapter 11

    I learnt in this chapter that we are the ambassadors sent by the King Jesus to represent and transact the business of the Kingdom of God in the kingdoms of the world, that Our assignment as ambassadors of the Kingdom is a lifetime commitment, and Once we have accepted this commission, we cannot look back, so we need to be strong in the…[Read more]

  • Chapter 10

    I have got to know regarding what I learnt in this chapter that Knowledge of the spiritual truths of the Kingdom was given to the disciples because they had spiritual minds. Those without spiritual minds heard the parables and failed to understand them because spiritual truths can only be understood by a spiritual mind, and I believe…[Read more]

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