• Chapter 2

    Everything about Jesus is quite amazing for Jesus is the King of kings because He rules over a Kingdom that is eternal and sovereign. The
    Kingdom of God that Jesus will be in charge will never come to an end. It will never be overthrown by revolution, and there will never be another ruler who will succeed the King of kings.

  • Chapter 1

    Now I know that there is no difference between kingdom of heaven and kingdom of God because I was made to understand that the expression “Kingdom of Heaven” is also used as a name for the Kingdom of God, before I was thinking they are different.

  • Chapter 16

    In this chapter I was made o understand that Just as I do in teaching, i must gain and hold the attention of the audience, and I must present the lesson in an orderly way, and as well I must make life and ministry applications in the sermon and I must call for response to the revelation of God’s Word.

  • Chapter 15

    In this chapter I could understand the difference between teaching and preaching which I didn’t know before. I was made to know that teaching is the act of instructing others while preaching is the act of delivering a discourse [a sermon or systematic examination of a subject] which instructs others in a formal manner.

  • Chapter 14

    I love a teacher training program of which I was taught in this chapter what I must do to bring about spiritual multiplication, that teaching faithful men who are able to teach others was the plan of the Biblical plan of spiritual multiplication, and If I am to fulfill this plan, I must constantly be training

  • Chapter 13

    The way I was taught in this chapter especially about how I can teach is quite amazing that if I am to teach the Gospel to every person, then I must have a plan to reach the illiterate, that I cannot reach everyone with the written message of God’s Word and I cannot assume they must learn to read before they can be reached with the Gospel.

  • Chapter 12

    I was made to know that the most important thing to remember in curriculum selection is that curriculum written by man is not our final authority, that the Bible is the one and only authority for the Christian teacher, and that curriculum must be carefully examined to be sure it is doctrinally sound.

  • Chapter 11

    I learnt from this chapter that I should not be discouraged by problems in the teaching situation, that I should Use them as opportunities to learn and improve my teaching tactics, that Problems can be corrected through prayer and change, that I can change to correct some problems, that Jesus did not give up on His disciples, He did…[Read more]

  • Chapter 10

    from this chapter, lesson planning is what interest me most where I came to know that there are some steps to follow, by which I have to prepare spiritually,
    study the lesson, analyse the audience, set objectives and outline The basic sections Of the lesson.

  • Chapter 9

    As the Bible reveals that each believer has at least one spiritual gift, so It is the responsibility of the Christian teacher to help students discover their spiritual gifts.

  • Chapter 8

    Analysis of audience which I learnt in this lesson gives me insight into how I should be teaching people. I enjoy the steps and guide which will enable me to teach people from any part of the world.

  • Chapter 7

    I love what I came across in this chapter that I can use teaching aid to teach people the word of God, because it is an activity or project which helps students understand a certain Biblical truth.

  • Chapter 6

    According to this chapter I came to know that Jesus used common objects and symbols with which His listeners were familiar to teach Biblical truths, so He used the lilies of the field and the birds to teach God’s care (Matthew 6:26-30), and He used fishing and harvesting to illustrate the need for laborers to reach the unsaved (John…[Read more]

  • Chapter 5

    From this chapter I learnt a great lesson that Jesus did not condemn those He taught. Instead, He showed them love and compassion.Jesus understood the reason behind every act and treated every one with love. The compassion of Jesus even led Him to intercession for the people to whom He ministered, so I have noted this.

  • Chapter 4

    It is now clearer to me that the old dispensation refers to the way God dealt with mankind during the period recorded in the Old Testament, and it includes government by law and the various sacrifices for sin described in the book of Leviticus, and the new dispensation refers to the new way God dealt with mankind from the time of the…[Read more]

  • Chapter 3

    So far It is important that I am faithful to the commission of spreading the Gospel of the
    Kingdom because when I have completed the task, the kingdoms of this world will
    end, then l believe it is time for me to submit myself totally to the work of God.

  • Chapter 2

    I was made to understand in this chapter that Biblical teaching is empowered by divine agents, and this means there are spiritual powers
    behind such teaching, and It is not just the teaching of a man, but the divine agents of Biblical teaching are God the Father, the Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

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    Chapter 1

    I’ve got to understand that all mature believers should be involved in teaching others, so teaching and preaching by true believers are the methods God has chosen to reach the nations with the Gospel.

  • Chapter 11

    It is a great relief to learn that true believers who repented from sin and accepted Jesus as Savior will spend eternity in Heaven in the presence of God, and that there will be a reunion between believers who have previously died, believers living at the time of the Lord’s return, and the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Chapter 10

    I now know that One of the greatest ways I can be part of God’s plan is to reach out to the nations through prayer. And as well, I have to put every effort to become international intercessor. Jesus is the divine pattern of an international intercessor, and it has made me to know that God has given the task of intercession for the…[Read more]

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