• Chapter 4

    Because the source of sickness is Satan, we must therefore, resist it just as we do temptation and sin.When we resist temptation and sin we are doing spiritual warfare against Satan’s attacks on our soul and spirit. When we resist sickness we are waging spiritual warfare against his attacks on your physical body.

  • Chapter 3

    From this chapter I came to understand that healing and deliverance is part of the Gospel of the Kingdom which we are commission to spread.

  • Chapter 2

    It seems to me before that Healing and deliverance are the same but I came to know now that they are different, that healing ministers to physical, emotional, and mental sickness while deliverance deals with demonically caused mental and physical conditions

  • Chapter 1

    I could now understand it very well that one cannot be neutral in spiritual warfare, that one can either be on one side or the other.

  • Chapter 1

    I could now understand it very well that one cannot be neutral in spiritual warfare, that one can either be on one side or the other.

  • Chapter 12

    It was quite inspired to discover that in the story where angel came to marry for message delivery, that there are six stages through which Mary passes as God’s plan is revealed to her. It was explained to us in great dimension, that The stages may be observed in the revelation of any plan of God to man, that they are stages through…[Read more]

  • Chapter 11

    The reasons why Christians suffer which were analyzed in this chapter have strengthened my faith, because there are some questions I have had in my mind which Ive not seen anybody who can answer them, but at least some of those questions had been answered form this chapter, glory be to God.

  • Chapter 10

    I’d been wondering why King Saul could not be forgive by God, because I understood that David’s sin was greater than sin of Saul, but it is a pity Saul did not want to suffer disgrace and he was not ready to repent, may God help us

  • Chapter 9

    This will free me from many confusions as I was made to understand that I should not make any final decision until I have the peace of God confirming my choice, especially when I am making decision on a questionable practice

  • Chapter 8

    It is good for me to understand the difference between temptation and trial of faith, because I could understand that a trial occurs when a believer faces a difficult situation through no fault of his own, because it tries one’s faith in God, but temptation is the desire to do wrong.

  • Chapter 7

    It strengthens my hope more when I discovered that the bush still burns till today which means God still guides us and desires to speak to us.

  • Chapter 6

    To be led by the Spirit which assumes a spiritual life in those being led, that a soul dead in sin, with no spiritual life, cannot be led by the Holy Spirit, this concerns me so much and it should concern every christian, because I want God to be communicating with me, and there is no one that will not want God to communicate with him.

  • Change 5

    In fact, it makes me happy as I was made to understand that the Bible teaches that God’s will is always good, although His way may not be the one we would select, God knows what is best for us, because most often I do think God does not love me as He loves some other people.

  • Chapter 4

    There are some ways we follow to seek guidance that we don’t know that it is a sin, thanks to God for this course because it is a great enlightenment.

  • Chapter 3

    I think Satan has foreknowledge of the future, but I don’t know that he doesn’t, although it is difficult to believe if one is not well trained in the word of God.

  • Chapter 2

    Spiritual maturity leads finally to transformation, which is one of the prerequisites that will enable me to know the voice of God and I have to do extra work on it to ensure I am not carnally minded, because it is easy to move from spirit into the flesh, but difficult to become spiritual, anyway I don’t want to do my own will again.

  • Chapter 1

    It is very interesting and useful to me that I was made to know that, There are two Greek words translated as “word” in the Bible. The Greek words are “logos” and “rhema.” “Logos” refers to the written Word of God. “Rhema” refers to the living or life-giving Word of God.

  • Chapter 24

    That means I should not bother myself with the particular time Jesus will come back to take elects away, that what should now be my concern is to be ever ready, that whether it is now or later should not be my concern, that I should prepare myself for any time he comes back to take me away from this poor and sinful world.I thank God…[Read more]

  • Chapter 23

    It wonders me most often that most of my prayers were not answered, because I learnt that if I mistakenly sinned I could be forgiven and even my prayers to God will be answered but reverse is the case, now I discovered that I need to acknowledge my sins, I have to repent and ask for forgiveness not to look for excuses, in fact God is…[Read more]

  • Chapter 22

    It is a relief to know that trouble is not necessarily a sign of being out of God’s will, that the Bible declares that “many are the afflictions of the righteous” (Psalms 34:19), that When I suffer innocently and not because of MY own sin, I should maintain a proper attitude towards suffering, that the real test of my spirituality is…[Read more]

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