• Lesson 8 tells us about the facts that the prophecies in the Old Testament had also some part of their fulfillment in the new tastement. Christ is the fullfilment of the prophecies that leads us into the future to enjoy Gods blessings or judgement.

  • Lesson 6 tells us about the Events behind the writings of the prophets as well as the explanation of the Language of the prophets in Communicating Gods mind. We can see that the prophets played an important roll of INTERCESSION for Gods people as they pronouce Gods words of judgement. Their writings are mixed WITH judgement, blessings, praises…[Read more]

  • Lesson 5 The prophets plays a vital rolle of speaking the mind OF God to guide the Kings and the people. The timings and the environment in which these prophets functions was Analysed to GAIN a proper understanding of their writings.

  • Lesson 4 God mercies towards mankind is great. He gives us tremendous blessings which are made available as we are FAITHFUL BY His Spirit to obey His words. DISOBEDIENCE leads to judgement but the mercies of God always prevails to KEEP a remnant for the continuation of his blessings upon His people to fullfil His covenants.

  • Lesson 3

    It is interesting to know that there is the covenants BY God to the world through Adam and Noah. Also the specific covenant to His CHOSEN people (ISRAEL) through Abraham, Moses and David as an EXAMPLE to the world on HOW God wants people to relate with themselves and with Him leading to The CHRIST the fulfillment of the covenants.

  • Lesson 3.

    It is interesting to know THAT God has a general covenant with the world through Adam and Noah BUT then through Abraham, Moses and David specific covenant to a CHOSEN Nation was established (ISRAEL) which became an EXAMPLE to emmulate by all who will response to the blessings involved the covenants leading to CHRIST who is the…[Read more]

  • Lesson 2.

    A PROPHET is the chosen of God to speak forth the word of God as a watchman and seer to lead, direct and protect Gods people to ensure a relational peaceful LIVING between/within the people and God.

  • Lesson 1

    It is important to understand prophecies. Actually if one is not careful and rightly LED BY the Spirit, there is the great possibility of misinterpreting the prophetic SCRIPTURES. There is the need to understand that the prophets were conscious when they spoke the word of God and not in a bizzarre situation. The Language used and the…[Read more]