Online Bible Institute Update

Our Online Bible Institute (Jesus Moment Bible Institute and Seminary (JMBIS)) exists to help those who have a desire and calling for ministry to achieve their goal by offering free online Bible courses.  These courses can be used for college level study to earn Associate and Bachelor’s degrees from JMBIS once the courses have been successfully completed.  These degrees are also offered free of charge. If the rest of the article is not displaying just (click here to read the rest on the article)

It should be understood that JMBIS is not a content provider of the offered courses.  We have scanned the internet for appropriate courses that are offered free of charge from other institutes and have added those to our course offerings.  When you choose a course, we link you to the providing institute’s website for you to take the course.

Once you have completed the course and met our JMBIS requirements, you will be given credit for the course.  After the completion of the appropriate number of courses and meeting of the requirements, JMBIS can issue an Associate or Bachelor’s degree.  Please click on this link for more information. You should also click on the following link for more important information regarding JMBIS and to see if our offerings are right for you.

At the time of this writing, we have 104 course offerings available to you.  You may customize your curriculum with any of these courses to meet the degree requirements (i.e. there are no “required courses”).  However, we have had requests from students for recommendations as to which courses to take.  To honor this request, we are offering the course curriculum below which was created based on student feedback and staff recommendations.

This course curriculum is designed to provide the student with a solid Biblical foundation based upon scripture.  It includes courses that provide an excellent survey of the Bible covering a summary of each book, basic Biblical doctrine, and understanding of Biblical evidence (i.e. Apologetics).

It is recommended that you take the first four (4) courses listed in the exact order.   These courses will provide a strong overview of the Bible and how the books are related.  I believe that everyone, regardless of your current level of study, will be able to get valuable information from these courses.  These courses will provide a solid basic foundation for the completion of your other studies.  Once these courses are completed, the other listed courses could be completed in which ever order you choose.

Online Bible Institute

Recommended Course Curriculum:

              Course Name                                                            Providing Institute


Basic foundational courses:

  1. Survey of the Bible 1 (Genesis – Song)              Ray Stedman Ministries (RSM)
  2. Survey of the Bible 2 (Isaiah – Malachi)              Ray Stedman Ministries (RSM)
  3. Survey of the Bible 3 (New Testament)              Ray Stedman Ministries (RSM)
  4. The History of Redemption              Blue Letter Bible Institute (BLBI)


  1. The Attributes of God              Blue Letter Bible Institute (BLBI)
  2. The Doctrine of Christ (Christology)              Blue Letter Bible Institute (BLBI)
  3. The Doctrine of Salvation (Soteriology) Blue Letter Bible Institute (BLBI)
  4. The Person and Gifts of the Holy Spirit              Blue Letter Bible Institute (BLBI)
  5. Growing in the Grace of God              Blue Letter Bible Institute (BLBI)


  1. History and Authenticity of the Bible              Blue Letter Bible Institute (BLBI)
  2. Searching for the Truth on Origins              Blue Letter Bible Institute (BLBI)
  3. Only Two Religions? Introduction to Worldview Evangelism             Blue Letter Bible Institute (BLBI)

Scriptures Coverage:

  1. CA314: Messianic Prophecy              Our Daily Bread Christian University (ODBCU)
  2. Matthew              Blue Letter Bible Institute (BLBI)
  3. The Gospels              Third Millennium Ministries (iiiM)
  4. We Believe in Jesus              Third Millennium Ministries (iiiM)
  5. We Believe in God              Third Millennium Ministries (iiiM)
  6. Life of Christ              Biblical Training Institute (BTI)

Christian Life and Practice/Special Topics:

  1. Strategies for Spiritual Warfare              Harvestime (Harvest)
  2. Counseling God’s Way              Blue Letter Bible Institute (BLBI)