What Courses Should I Take?

Getting started can be a little overwhelming so we would like to help you get your academic journey going by making the following suggestions about which courses to take. (You may also want to read a more recent article called Online Bible Institute Update for another suggested course list).

If you are an online Bible Institute student you have two options to start with.

Option 1: If you would rather listen than read as you study we recommend that you start by taking the following ten courses in this order:

  • Studying the Bible for All Its Worth – (Dimensions)
  • New Testament Survey I – (Dimensions)
  • New Testament Survey II – (Dimensions)
  • Old Testament Survey I – (Dimensions)
  • Old Testament Survey II – (Dimensions)
  • Church History Survey I – (Dimensions)
  • Church History Survey II – (Dimensions)
  • Theology Survey I – (Dimensions)
  • Theology Survey II – (Dimensions)
  • World Missions – (Dimensions)

Option 2: If you would rather read than listen as you study we recommend that you start by taking the following eight courses in this order:

  • Strategies for Spiritual Harvest – (Harvest)
  • Foundations of Faith – (Harvest)
  • Creative Bible Study Methods – (Harvest)
  • Old Testament Bible Survey – (Harvest)
  • New Testament Bible Survey – (Harvest)
  • Developing a Biblical Worldview – (Harvest)
  • Kingdom Living – (Harvest)
  • Leaven Like Evangelism – (Harvest)

If you are an on-campus Bible Institute student you should begin with whatever course we are currently studying on Sunday evenings.

After you have completed this first round of foundational courses you should notify us by email so that we can talk about what your ministry goals are so that we can help you plot out the rest of your courses to achieve your Associates and/or Bachelors Degrees.