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Our mission at Jesus Moment Bible Institute and Seminary is to create a simple way for people who have a desire and calling for ministry to have a practical online resource offering free online Bible courses to help them on their journey.

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sermon round iconPreaching in Shorts Sermons

Preaching in Shorts offers a series of short Bible Studies and Sermons (20 – 30 minutes each) that we do here on A Jesus Moment to try and explain the basics of the Christian life in an easy to understand way. Click here to check out our Preaching in Shorts Website.

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One of the greatest habits you can develop is a strong devotional life. At a Jesus Moment we have a complete website dedicated to helping you grow in the Spiritual Disciplines of prayer and Bible reading. Click here to check out our Jesus Moment Daily Devotional Website.


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Online Bible Institute now has 200 Students!

Our Online Bible Institute just added our 200th student. We are excited to have the opportunity to help people all over the world take courses that will increase their knowledge of the Bible and Theology and fulfill their dreams of serving the Lord in the ministries He has called them to. The Internet provides such an amazing platform to share knowledge and equip the saints for the work of ministry and the building up of the Body of Christ. We are in the process of adding even more new courses for our students to choose from. Our hope and prayer is the our Online Bible Institute will be a blessing to thousands of people that will make a significant impact on the world for the Kingdom of God. We feel blessed to be able to serve our students in these efforts. We are praying for all of our students that are currently enrolled and praying for the students that will be joining us in the future.

example paper

Online Bible Institute Paper Example

Those of you who are able to attend our on campus classes at the Online Bible Institute are all about to have to write a paper to complete the Gospel of the Kingdom course. I am including an example below of a paper that was turned in for the class. I think you might find it very helpful if you are troubled about writing your first paper for the Online Bible Institute.
The Kingdom of God by George Eldon Ladd brought out some very intriguing and thought provoking concepts concerning the significance of the term Kingdom of God. I would like to address some of these concepts in a very precise manner while incorporating God’s Word as the ultimate authority of what the author was trying to illustrate. The author’s multiple explanations of the Kingdom of God concerning the Inauguration of the Kingdom by the incarnation, this Present age, and the Age to come must be clearly articulated in order to grasp this very wide and somewhat arduous task of extrapolating the term Kingdom of God. Before I begin I would like to quote Romans 14:17 concerning the Kingdom of God; for it is how I perceive God’s Kingdom: “For the kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.” (Click here to read the rest of the paper.)


Mission Minded – Part 2

I am writing a series of articles for the Online Bible Institute on being Mission Minded. In the first article I incorporated a list of seven things that missionaries have learned and wanted other missionaries to know. The seven things are: 1. A country can be diverse. 2. When arriving on a mission field, you are entering into a fierce spiritual battle. 3. Foreigners are not always welcome. 4. Be humble. 5. The other side of number 4 is that it is also a mistake to go “too native.” 6. You need to accept that you can’t always fix people or churches. 7. Finally, you will miss home! I think that we can apply these same ideas to the ministry that we are all called to in the places where we live. Let’s look at idea number one and talk briefly about a country being diverse. Living in America I would say that this is true. As we are entering another election cycle the tension between political parties and candidates runs high. I am often asked why I don’t publicly express my own political viewpoints. My answer is fairly simple. The moment that I share my political views I potentially lose my opportunity to share with half the population about what I think is really important. I want to spend my life telling people the Good News of Jesus. While I think it is important to have thought out political perspectives and to be a good citizen, it is far more important to do whatever I can to preach and share the Gospel with as many as I can. So to the best of my ability I try to keep my opinions to myself so that I don’t alienate a significant group of people who might have differing and diverse viewpoints.

how to use forums

How to Use the Forums

The use of the Online Bible Institute Forums has been implemented for all of our courses. We thought we would run through a quick tutorial on how the forums work to try and help all of our Online Bible Institute students get accustomed to using the Forums. In order to be able to post a comment on the Forums you have to be signed in. You can read through the all the comments that have been posted on the Forums without being signed in, but in order post a comment or reply of your own you have to be signed in. Just use the sign in button the way you normally do when you are working on one of your courses. There is a Forum for each track of courses that we offer here at the Online Bible Institute. For example, if you are taking a (Harvest) course then you would need to use the Harvest Forum. If you are taking one of the (Dimensions) courses then you would use the Dimensions Forum. Within each Forum are Topics. There is a Topic already started for each course that we offer. All you need to do is find the Topic that matches your course. In most cases we have already provided a link in the course instructions that will take you to the appropriate Topic in the Forum. Once you have arrived at the Topic for your course, you simply scroll down to the end of the page and you will see a text box. The text box is where you will type in (post) your comments about the lesson. After you have typed in your comment, hit submit and your comment will post. To comment on what another student has posted, just click on the Reply tab that is located to the right of their post. The text box will open up for you and you can type in (post) your response to their comment. After you hit submit your reply will post itself underneath the comment you replied to. That is it! Just jump in and give it a try and it should become second nature quite quickly.


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