Biblical Training at the Online Bible Institute

Here at the Online Bible Institute we are excited to let you know that we now have some excellent courses from Biblical Training that we are including in our course offerings. is not-for-profit ministry that gives all people access to a world-class Christian education. is not affiliated with the Jesus Moment Online Bible Institute and Seminary. In our ongoing effort to provide our students with a wide variety of excellent college level courses free of charge, programs like those at are a welcome addition. Over the next few weeks we will be adding courses to our online catalog. In the meantime you can access our landing page at the site and begin taking courses. You may listen to the lesson lectures without logging in, but we suggest that you get a free log in at so that you can access all of the notes and other information that they provide with each course. We will count each completed course at towards your course requirements for a degree here at the Jesus Moment Bible Institute and Seminary. You will need to access our Forum section after you listen to each lecture and post on something that interested you. After you complete all the lectures in the course you will be required to write a 750 word paper that includes three things that you learned during the course. Click here to access our landing page.