Mission Minded

Mission Minded – Part 1

I am going to write a series of articles for the Online Bible Institute about the importance of being mission minded. What I mean by being mission minded is that all of us are to be a people of mission. We all have a purpose in the Kingdom of God. We have tasks that we […]


Don’t Take Shortcuts

Sometimes our lives are so busy that we find ourselves looking for shortcuts just to try and squeeze everything in. As you take courses at the Online Bible Institute we want to encourage you not to look for shortcuts. I read somewhere that the longest way to success is to take a shortcut. Don’t cut […]


Responding like a Berean

One of the goals for our Online Bible Institute is to offer courses that look at the major doctrinal positions of Christianity from a number of different viewpoints. Rather than just stick to our own “party line” we want to encourage our students to look at all sides with an open mind. Our hope in […]


Using a Gravatar in the Online Bible Institute Forum

We have recently added a Forum to our Online Bible Institute and one of the things we would encourage you to do is sign up for a gravatar which will then be recognized by our Forum software. Gravatar stands for Globally Recognized Avatar. An avatar is a graphical representation of a user, typically a photograph […]


The Process of Accreditation

The Jesus Moment Bible Institute and Seminary (JMBIS) was founded in January 2014. The goal and purpose of Jesus Moment Bible Institute and Seminary (JMBIS) is to train and equip our students to achieve their purpose in the Kingdom of God. Our desire is to be able to provide this education for free to everyone […]


Adding Forums to our Online Bible Institute

We recently added a Forum area on our Online Bible Institute website. Our hope is that our students will utilize the Forum to share their questions, comments, thoughts and ideas about the Online Bile Institute courses they are taking. In the future we would like to see our students from around the world write about […]


Our Newest Online Bible Institute Course Track

At the Online Bible Institute we are happy to announce that we are adding a new track of courses to complement our Harvest and Trinity Track Courses. This new track of courses is called Dimensions and it comes from the Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary Dimensions of the Faith Courses. These are great courses and will […]


How to Write a Paper for the Online Bible Institute

Writing a paper for one of the Online Bible Institute courses when required is really not all that difficult once you know the format we are looking for. A paper consists of an Introduction, the Main Body of the paper, and a Conclusion. You will also need to make note of the total word count […]


Take a Course for a Test Drive

Our Online Bible Institute courses are a great way for everyone to stay sharp when it comes to the Bible. Even if you are not seeking a degree I would encourage you to take advantage of the free Bible courses that are offered at the Jesus Moment Bible Institute and Seminary. I have found that […]


Check out our New Online Library

We have just launched our new Online Library to assist our Online Bible Institute students in their research and studies. The Library includes links to Online Bibles, Concordances, Dictionaries and Commentaries. There are also links to Bible/Church Historical documents and Bible Maps and Charts to further enhance the learning experience. We have included links to […]