Take a Course for a Test Drive

Our Online Bible Institute courses are a great way for everyone to stay sharp when it comes to the Bible. Even if you are not seeking a degree I would encourage you to take advantage of the free Bible courses that are offered at the Jesus Moment Bible Institute and Seminary. I have found that working through at least one lesson per week on a course that interests me has a significant positive impact on my spiritual life. I like being challenged by new thoughts and insights into the Bible as well as being reminded of the truth and how it applies to my life. Perhaps you are thinking about pursuing a degree but you are unsure if you will be able to finish what you start. Why not just try out one of the courses and see how it goes? Take it for a test drive, see how it handles. If you enjoy it then you can continue on and work towards a degree. If you realize that you just can’t make the time for studying right now, then you can try again later on. Remember, our Online Bible Institute courses are free so taking them for a test drive is a great option.